My company and I were very happy with the service we received here – from beginning to end!  We worked with Marcedo Tiago who was so nice and helpful – not pushy like most other sellers, which is a total turn off to us. They took good care of our products through the process and went out of their way to get us the best deal possible and timely delivery. Amazing customer service.


Been struggling to get a reliable supplier to supplier by buyers. I dont have to border any more. I am happy to be working on you on my orders.

Shahid Taslim Amari
United Arab Emirates

My container arrived China 35 days exactly as promised. The quality is good, will definitely order more

Cheng Su

Having your company work on our orders have been smooth.Wish I could sign an exclusive contract already

Wang Ts’ao
Hong Kong
Good quality and professionalism, I like BRF  products and enjoy doing business with them. The Quality of the frozen chicken is really good, delivery has always been on time..& any queries we’ve had have always been dealt with very promptly.
You Lee

Very Satisfied with the product quality of Sadia SA. Received our first order quicker than orders we’ve made here out of    Brazil. They have Quality Grade A chicken and excellent prices. Have to make a second order already almost sold out before we can even put products on the site! Happy we found such a great reliable wholesaler!

Mary J white
I received 6 containers of halal chicken feet, their stuff is very true to quality and is very clean. I was skeptical about ordering at first, but I was very pleasantly surprised by what I received – Really efficient service of high-quality halal chicken feet. I only had problems with slow response to emails. Please respond to emails faster!
Ali Sameer